Acura Prime Plus Embedded Panels 5F Motorized Bed

With PP Sideboards

Features :

Head/Foot board Easily removable head/foot board made of Polypropylene (PP).
Lying Surface PP injection-moulded removable cover which is easy to clean.
Safety sideboards PP Sideboards with dropdown mechanism.
Control Panel 2 Patient Panels – Height, Backrest, Leg Rest, Auto Contour, Cardiac Chair And UBL.
2 Attendant Control Panel – Height, Backrest, Leg Rest, TR/ATR, Auto Contour, UBL, CPR, Lock Function, Power And Battery Indicator, Cardiac Chair And Emergency Head Low Position.
Castors 12.5cm, imported castors model, Twin Wheel Diagonal Locking / Twin Wheel Central Locking.
Safe working load 200kg