Ambu® Disposable Face Mask

Key Benefits

  • Crystal clear dome for easy observation of the patient’s condition
  • Dome with thumb rest for an easy grip
  • Soft, shaped, airfilled cuff allows a tight fit to the patient’s face
  • Supplied with hook ring; hook ring can easily be removed if not needed
  • The single patient use concept offers minimized risk of cross infection
  • All sizes are delivered individually packed, non-sterile, in packs of 20 units
  • Phthalate-free material

Ambu® Disposable Face Mask


The Disposable Face Mask is an anatomically correct shaped face mask designed for oxygenating and ventilating any patient. The face mask comes in a full range of 6 different sizes ensuring that the user can always find a mask that fits any patient.


It is a single patient use face mask that comes both with and without a check valve. The face mask has a thumb rest for easy handling while providing a tight seal. The mask shape ensures that the inner shape of the dome iS spacious enough for the mouth and nose also when pressure is applied to the mask.