Ambu® AuraOnce

Key Benefits:

  • Built-in anatomically correct curve for fast and easy insertio
  • Reinforced tip resists folding over during insertion and plugs the upper esophageal sphincter
  • Cuff and airway tube molded as single unit for extra safety – no separation
  • The surface has a microstructured texture to ease insertion
  • Asoft cuff ensures a good seal with low mucosal pressure
  • Pilot balloon identifies mask size and provides precise tactile indication of degree of inflation
  • Ergonomically shaped airway tube for firm and ergonomical grip during insertion
  • Convenient depth marks for monitoring correct position
  • Color coded pouch with directions for use
  • MR safe
  • Phthalate-free material

Ambu® AuraOnce

Ambu AuraOnce is a disposable laryngeal mask for everyday use. AuraOnce has a special curve that carefully replicates natural human anatomy. Molded directly into the tube, the unique shape makes correct insertion fast and easy.

AuraOnce’s curve also ensures that the patient’s head remains in a natural supine position when the mask is in use without extra stress on the upper jaw. Moreover, AuraOnce is specially designed to give the airway tube the flexibility needed to adapt to individual anatomical variances and a wide range of head positions.

AuraOnce has a D-shaped airway tube to give a firm and ergonomical grip during insertion. In short, positioning is fast and accurate, with low internal pressure. Available in 8 sizes fitting a wide range of patients