Philips DreamStation Auto BiPAP

Explore the DreamStation Auto BiPAP, an innovative sleep therapy device that merges advanced technology with ease of use. Learn about its features and how it transforms the experience of BiPAP therapy for sleep apnea sufferers

DreamStation Auto BiPAP features

• Advanced event detection*

• Active humidification controlled by the room environment

• Therapy modes: CPAP, fixed bi-level, auto bi-level

• Pre-heat humidifier capable

• Adjustable PS min and PS max

• Heated tube (optional)

• NEW – Smart Ramp (0-45 min)

• Flex Comfort: C-Flex, C-Flex+, Bi-Flex

• NEW – Performance Check

• Encore patient management system: compliance and data reports, waveforms reports

• NEW – Multiple remote monitoring solutions including integrated Bluetooth® technology and optional cellular or wifi modems

• On-board memory

• Oximetry module (optional)