Philips ComfortGel Blue Nasal mask

The Philips ComfortGel Blue Nasal mask is a CPAP mask designed for comfort and effective sealing. Here’s a quick rundown of its features:

  • ComfortGel cushion: This blue gel interface creates a soft, secure seal around your nose for leak-free therapy.
  • Reduced pressure points: The redesigned forehead pad minimizes pressure points on your face for increased comfort throughout the night.
  • Quiet exhalation: The angled exhalation ports are designed to direct airflow away from you and your bed partner, reducing noise disruption.
  • Compatibility: This mask is compatible with Philips Respironics System One Resistance Control, allowing for optimized PAP therapy.

Overall, the Philips ComfortGel Blue Nasal mask aims to provide a comfortable and secure fit for a good night’s sleep during CPAP therapy

ComfortGel Blue – the next generation of comfort and technology, delivering everything you’ve come to expect.

An even higher level of patient comfort and an enhanced overall experience make ComfortGel Blue a mask choice more of your patients will embrace. Staying true to our time-proven blue gel masks, we’ve retained the globally popular comfort and flexibility features you expect, while enhancing patient comfort even more. We’ve incorporated an improved forehead pad designed to help reduce pressure points, and developed a lower profile exhalation port with an integrated swivel that quietly directs air flow up and away from a bed partner. We’ve also adopted a new gel formulation. All designed with an enhanced patient experience – and better compliance – in mind. And, using ComfortGel Blue with Philips Respironics System One Resistance Control will deliver optimum PAP therapy and therapy comfort. ComfortGel Blue and our complete line of masks go farther than ever to help you fit 100% of your patients, 100% of the time.

ComfortGel nasal mask provides a high level of fit and comfort from the moment you slip it on.

This gel mask combines premium comfort features with a host of innovations. With the ComfortGel, it’s easier to get the right fit the first time – even on hard-to-fit patients. Establishing a good seal and comfortable fit is a critical part of successful long-term therapy. The ComfortGel provides both for men and women wearers. We’ve paired our proprietary blue gel with a proven duallayer cushion design for an unparalleled seal. The adjustable StabilitySelector simplifies fitting and optimizes seal, while the premium headgear with convenient ball-and-socket headgear attachments makes it easy to remove the mask. And getting a good fit quickly is essential to your business. It all adds up to one streamlined mask that helps you fit 100% of your patients, 100% of the time.