Stellar 100 Resmed BiPAP

The ResMed Stellar 100 is a versatile ventilator designed for both hospital and home use. It can be used in non-invasive and invasive ventilation modes, making it suitable for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients with varying respiratory needs.

Here are some key points about the Stellar 100:

  • Treats a variety of respiratory conditions: This ventilator can be used for patients with conditions like COPD, neuromuscular disorders (NMD), and Obstructive Sleep Hypopnea Syndrome (OHS).
  • Multiple therapy modes: The Stellar 100 offers various modes like CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), S/T (Spontaneous/Timed), PAC (Pressure Assisted Control), and others, allowing for customized therapy.
  • Portable: The Stellar 100 is designed to be portable for use at home or during transport.
  • Internal battery: The ventilator has an internal battery that provides backup power for up to 2 hours.

Overall, the ResMed Stellar 100 is a feature-rich ventilator intended to deliver comfortable and effective respiratory support for patients with diverse needs

Stellar 100: easy access to quality therapy

From hospital care to homecare, invasive to noninvasive, paediatric to adult … ResMed’s Stellar 100 ventilator offers high quality ventilation in one easy, accessible device.

Light, small and quiet,Stellar 100 offers an excellent solution for the healthcare professional and a practical and comfortable solution for your patients.

From setup to therapy management and monitoring, it’s the easiest way to establish confidence among clinical staff and carers.

NEW! Extra assurance with remote alarm:

Stellar 100’s louder fixed and adjustable alarms are now complemented by a new Remote Alarm, so it is even more suited to hospital and care facilities or patients who need closer monitoring at home. The alarm can be extended to other areas in the home, hospital or care facility (such as the nurse’s station), and can be connected to a Hospital Alarm System.

Mobility and portability:

equips patients for therapy on the move with an internal battery1, an optional external battery2 (the ResMed Power Station II) and the purpose-built Mobility bag to carry and protect the ventilator and accessories. The bag allows access to the Stellar user interface.

Integrated or external humidification options:

the H4i™ Heated Humidifier for Stellar completely integrates with the ventilator if required. HumiCare D900 works as an external active heated option when consistent humidification in changing conditions is essential.

High oxygen delivery:

the device can use up to 30 L/min of oxygen, so a high FiO2 can be reached. Low-inertia blower: comprised of ResMed’s unique low-inertia motor and impeller; delivers higher performance more quietly than a conventional motor.