AirCurve 10 VAuto

A new beginning in patient care

The sleep therapy solution for your non-compliant OSA patients. Featuring a seamlessly integrated connected care system, the AirCurve 10 VAuto is designed to help you manage your challenging OSA patients. With a new stylish design and even more simplicity, the new AirCurve 10 VAuto provides auto-adjusting pressure to support to those who need more respiratory comfort.

Key Features

Streamlined patient care

• Thanks to AirCurve’s built-in wireless technology, AirView™ offers immediate information about your challenging patients including usage hours and night profile data.

• Remote assist enables unprecedented wireless access to device settings, helping you to troubleshoot any technical issues remotely in minutes.

Optimal comfort

• In VAuto mode, ResMed’s Easy-Breathe™ waveform offers a gentle increase and decrease in pressure in line with natural breathing for maximum comfort.

• The new HumidAir™ humidifier with Climate Control technology ensures a consistent humidification throughout the night.

Tailored therapy

• Vsync algorithm automatically tracks and compensates for leaks, allowing the device to optimally synchronise its response to every breath.

Clear therapy insights

• Therapy summary data (365 days) can be viewed on any device, ResScan™ software or wirelessly through AirView. Additional 30 days of night profile data are also available remotely on AirView. • Access to 30 days high resolution breath-by-breath flow data and detailed data for clear therapy monitoring is provided through the new version of ResScan software.

Technical Specifications: