Introducing Godrej Insulicool


The ‘portable and precise InsuliCool is uniquely designed to cool and preserve Insulin vials and cartridges effectively. It is compact, user-friendly, easy to carry, works on both AC and DC power sources and it can also work on a battery pack and power bank. It provides the right temperature for insulin, which helps maintain its efficacy and enables a diabetic patient to live a carefree life at home or office, during travel and power outages.


Godrej InsuliCool works on advanced thermoelectric cooling. Being compressor and refrigerant free, it is nothing short of futuristic technology. The usage of thermoelectric cooling makes it both easily portable and precise. Unlike ice-based cooling solutions that result in temperature fluctuations, advanced thermoelectric chip in Godrej Insulicool product range ensures precise.


Thermoelectric cooling is the the cube junctions, heat flows process of removing heat from one metal to the other. Solid electronically, from an insulated state thermoelectric modules can space using the PELTIER effect. transfer large quantities of heat When an electrical current flows when connected to a heat across the junction of two dissimilar absorbing device on one side and metals, heat is removed from one of a heat dissipating device. The the metals and transferred to the internal aluminium cold plate fins other. A thermoelectric module is a absorb heat from the contents series of tiny metal cubes of (foods & beverages) & the dissimilar exotic metals, which are Thermoelectric Modules transfer it physically bonded together and to heat-dissipating fins under the connected electrically. When control panel using a small fan to electrical current passes through disperse heat into the air.


Conveniently Portable InsuliCool is light weight and compact, making it easily portable. It operates on 160-230V AC main supply with the provided power adapter. Insulicool+ on the other hand comes with a 20Ah power bank which provides a battery backup of 4 hours which can perform up to temperatures of 32°C while commuting.

Precise storage cooler also for non-Insulin medicines Additionally, apart from Insulin, Godrej InsuliCool product range is also ideal for storing vital temperature sensitive vaccines, medicines, vials for drops, other medical samples and specimens at the precise 2°- 8°C temperature to retain its potency