ResMed AirMini CPAP

AirMini: effective1-4 compact therapy without compromise

Made by ResMed, you know that sleep therapy on AirMini Solutions will be just as good as the therapy delivered by our other market-leading devices – in a compact, friendly, easy-to-use and more appealing package.

AirMini Solutions provide effective1-4 therapy at their most comfortable and mobile. You don’t have to compromise between therapy performance, better health and freedom anymore.

Power to go, freedom to move

Because AirMini Solutions can deliver effective1-4 therapy without the bulk, you can take it from the bedside table to the hotel room – and even to the great outdoors. It’s simply small, convenient and smart.

Freedom of choice

AirMini Solutions are available with a range of accessories and customization options so that therapy can be personalized to suit various individuals’ different needs and preferences. These options include various algorithms, therapy modes, features, as well as mask shapes and styles and accessories.

Trusted therapy made compact

Understanding your everyday needs

When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t have to compromise on anything: comfort, ease-of-use, effective1-4 therapy, humidification, performance, size and mobility. These are all the standard features you have the right to expect from your therapy, and that AirMini delivers.

Technology that serves you

We have developed a unique venting technology to deliver market-leading therapy, portable waterless humidification and uncompromised performance6 to you, all in a small/light and lifestyle-friendly package.

Engage with your well being with the AirMini App

Track and manage your own sleep quality

With AirMini Solutions, you have access to ResMed’s AirMini patient engagement app. Whether you’re a new or trained user, the AirMini App allows you to track your sleep data and manage your therapy from the convenience of your smart device6. Very friendly and quick, with easy connection to your machine.

Get support at every stage of therapy

The AirMini App also provides coaching and timely personalised support, and gives you access to self-help tools to help you manage your therapy, care for your device and ease into treatment.